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World Teacher’s Day

Wednesday, October 05, 2016 6:00 AM | Emma Hill

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

World teacher day is a wonderful day every year when students, parents, policy makers, community members, and teachers can reflect on the importance of teachers.

World Teachers Day was started by UNESCO in 1994. UNESCO wanted to raise awareness of teachers’ contributions, the importance of pay that recognizes the value of their work and setting high standards for teacher training. They also sought to increase the number of teachers. [3]

Teachers are a vital component of our society, as they are the cornerstone of any child’s education. It’s been well demonstrated that education can significantly increase a child’s health and earnings throughout life. Educated people can then go out and strengthen their economy and community. It all starts with teachers who believe in the potential of their students. [1]

grace and queen.jpg

Here we have a picture of Grace with one of her students, Queen. Grace is a fantastic teacher and BTF is lucky to have her.

Yet all the anticipated good education could bring won’t manifest if the teacher is poorly trained. There’s a shortage of teachers in developing countries, and one of the tactics used to increase the number of teachers is to reduce the required qualifications. Fortunately there are a number of organizations dedicated to providing teacher training in developing areas, such as Education East Africa ( and Global Partnership for Education (

Organizations like these make teacher training accessible to communities that otherwise couldn’t afford it. They not only provide high quality, engaging training, but metric-based assessments. Another organization, the Common Wealth of Learning (, is dedicated to equipping teacher training institutions with more and better training materials so they can produce higher quality teachers. Developing countries, and Tanzania in particular, need more teachers to reach educational goals. For example, for Sub Saharan African countries to achieve universal primary education, they’ll need over a million new teachers. If Sub Saharan African countries want to take their education victories to the next level and achieve Universal Secondary Education, they’ll need almost two million new teachers. [2]

Grace with students.

Why We Celebrate Grace on World Teacher’s Day

When Brighter Tanzania was founded, people often asked why Felicia jumped at the opportunity to help Grace start a school – “What if she just takes the money and runs?” “How do you know she’s actually using the money for what she says?” Well, the reason is Grace herself. She is an incredibly dedicated and talented woman.

Grace grew up extremely poor and had a hard time getting through primary school because her parents couldn’t always pay the fees. Even though they couldn’t always afford it, her parents stressed the importance of education to Grace and her siblings. Her parents taught them that education was the best way to escape poverty. When Grace finally completed her secondary education, she worked as a housekeeper to put herself through college to become a teacher.

Grace has been teaching since 2008, primarily 1st grade. The students love her and really seem to look forward to coming to school. Even from this great distance, we can see that Grace cares deeply about her students. She’s always sending emails to update us on the kids she’s the most worried about. Sometimes these emails come in the middle of the night because she’s awake thinking about them.

When Brighter Tanzania opened our first school, Saving Grace Day and Boarding School, back in 2014, deciding on a name was simple. In addition for being the catalyst for this entire project, Grace enrolled all of the students, taught everything, rented the school building, and purchased all of the supplies herself. We wanted to honor Grace and her dedication to education and her community, and she was therefore the namesake for the school. Coincidentally, the school can also be considered a Saving Grace for the students.





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