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The Real World Learning Program & Saving Grace Goals

Monday, January 30, 2017 9:30 AM | Emma Hill

Saving Grace is dedicated to providing free, well-rounded education and basic vocational skills to impoverished Tanzanian children.  We've grown a lot since 2014, we now have 68 students and our Real World Learning Program is up and running.  We're not stopping here, we have big plans to offer even more to the Arusha community. 

Our Real World Learning Program:

We want to ensure that our students leave Saving Grace with well-rounded skill sets. In order to achieve this, we focus on a real-world learning model that teaches not only academic skills, but vocational skills and important soft skills. The academic subjects include art, English, Swahili,  reading, writing, and math.

The Real World Learning Program teaches emotional intelligence and life skills, like work ethic, problem solving, creativity and empathy. These "soft skills" are actually critical to an individual's long term success as adults. Children who are taught "soft skills" are more likely to successfully navigate social challenges common to teenagers, due to increased self-control and empathy.

The program includes practical, vocational skills as well, such as gardening, tending chickens, cleaning, sewing and cooking. These basic, practical skills enable our students to help their families at home and learn work ethic and responsibility. These simple skills also create a framework that our students can expand on when they're older, in order to have more earning power as adults.

Currently, our students are aged 3-8. We hope to incorporate older students and expand our Real World Learning Program to include computer and financial literacy courses. 


Our new Teacher, Joyce, is a wonderful addition to our school.  Joyce has taken on the Baby & Nursery classes, allowing Grace to focus on the 1st and 2nd graders.  We’ve already found a 3rd teacher to hire and have increased our funding goals to provide for her salary.  Hopefully we’ll be able hire her soon and take on additional students.

Our fundraising goal has increased from $15,000 in 2016 to $20,000 for 2017. This increase reflects the needs of our school, as we have more students – and staff – than we began 2016 with. The increase is also in preparation for boarding students, at which time our costs for food, electricity, water, supplies, and teacher salaries will all inflate.

We’re also getting ready for 4 new boarding students. Grace will be on the lookout for children in need - particularly orphaned or homeless children - to fill these beds. The majority of our students live within a mile of the school. However, the rooms might also be made available to potential students who live too far away to walk.   

We’ve also increased our fundraising goal to purchase a plot of land. Currently, Saving Grace is in a rented space. There are only 10 rooms and 4 toilets, and the courtyard is quite full when all 60 students are on break. We plan to purchase a 10-acre plot of land on which we can build a new facility, with space to expand as necessary. A 10-acre plot will cost approximately $10,000. Moreover, we will need to begin purchasing materials to build the new facility, which should cost another $5000.


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