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World Day of Social Justice 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017 11:30 AM | Emma Hill

The World Day of Social Justice is celebrated February 20th. The UN presents a new theme each year to focus international efforts. This year’s theme is "Preventing conflict & sustaining peace through decent work.” 

This is a great theme, because it’s got several ideas wrapped up in one sound bite.  Let’s unpack it a bit.  Essentially, the UN, as well as other international organizations and activists, argues that:

1)      People have the right to pursue safe & dignified livelihoods to support a basic living standard.

2)      When people have access to and training for reliable work, regardless of gender, nationality, race, etc., then communities, nations and whole regions have the potential to prosper economically and socially.

3)       When people and nations have the means to focus on growth & improvement, then there is value in reducing and preventing the sort of conflict and violence that disrupts social and economic activities. 


The UN presents a long-term, large-scare vision of what the world’s future could be like if we all pull together. This vision is centered on the 2030 development goals.   At Brighter Tanzania, we contribute to these goals by focusing on Tanzania.  We aim to foster economic growth, improve quality of life & provide a more equitable future for Tanzanians by harnessing the power of education, nurturing students' creativity & supporting the local economy.

Quality, equitable education is critical for many of the 2030 development goals.  Education is key for people to access work with a living wage and growth opportunities. At Brighter Tanzania we're tackling poverty by giving free education to kids. We provide a well-rounded education and a nurturing environment for young children so they have the foundation for success for secondary school, and then in their professional ambitions. 

We offer standard academic subjects such as math, English, Swahili, and art. We also offer a “real World Learning” program which develops valuable social skills and basic vocational skills.  A typical class day is composed of standard academic subjects as well as exercises to encourage teamwork, sharing, empathy, and creative problem solving.  

The vocational component of our program is just getting started. Given how young our students are, we’re only teaching simple subjects, like cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc.  These skills would be helpful at home.  As we get older students, we plan to add more advanced subjects.  

Brighter Tanzania Foundation is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations may be tax-deductible.

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