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Brighter Tanzania Foundation strives to maintain financial transparency and efficient use of funding. We want our donors, sponsors, and corporate partners to see how their contributions are being spent, dollar for dollar. If more information is needed, please contact us.

2015 Fiscal Year

The year of 2015 was one of continued development and learning here at Brighter Tanzania Foundation.  Despite our limited funds from 2014 making it difficult to prepare for the coming year, we made great strides and have tangible results to show it.

We focused a lot of time and energy on social media and social campaigns this year, and the investment paid off.  Social campaigns, in particular, made a big difference in overall revenue, generating nearly twice as much as direct directions.  As a result of our social media campaigns through Pear and Indiegogo, we were able to purchase two bunk beds, a cabinet, and a 5000 liter water tank for Saving Grace School.  This is a huge accomplishment, as it means the school can now be registered and begin boarding students.

One of our goals for 2015 was to cut administrative expenses by 30% from 2014.  When compared to our total expenditures for 2015, the percentage of our administrative spending as part of our overall expenditures budget was decreased by 25%.  Although we did not reach our goal, this decrease still allowed us more spending on programs for the year.  Because our goal to cut administrative costs in 2015 was not met, we are aiming to decrease the percentage of expenditures in this category by another 7% in 2016.

As anticipated in the 2015 semi-annual report, we ended the year with just over $500 in direct donations from individuals.  In 2016, we expect to increase funding by 12% through direct donations, and 30% from events.  

Financial Breakdown

Sources of Income

 By Dollar Amount
Board Member Contributions
Social Campaigns


 By Dollar Amount  
Schools/Programs  $4810.00
Marketing    $100.86 

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