Our mission is to alleviate poverty and inequality in Tanzania through education and support of the local economy.

We believe that education is the foundation on which stable societies are built.  Studies have proven the transformative power of education, including lower levels of HIV, increased life expectancy, decreased infant & maternal mortality rates, and greater income equality.  By harnessing the power of education, nurturing the creativity of students, and supporting the local economy, we can foster economic growth in the right direction to help Tanzania develop into a key African nation, providing a more equitable future for all Tanzanians.

Our Goals

  • Ensure every child has access to education regardless of race, gender, location or economic status.
  • Implement curriculum that works for impoverished communities and can be easily duplicated throughout Tanzania.
  • Support and grow the local economy to ensure the success of our graduates.

Brighter Tanzania Foundation

8383 Greenway Boulevard
Suite 600 PMB 633
Middleton, WI 53562

Phone:(608) 886-9160

Fax:(608) 826-7201

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