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Quick Info: Tanzania

  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Population: 51,045,882
  • Area: 947,300 sq km 
  • Life expectancy: 61.71 years
  • Median age: 17.5 years
  • Education expenditures: 6.2% of GDP (2010)
  • Literacy: 70.6% (approximately 75.9% for males, 65.4% for females)
  • School life expectancy: 9 years
  • 15,816 primary schools in operation
  • Only 1% of the population aged 15 years old and above have post-secondary education.
  • Child labor: 21% children aged 5-14
  • Population below poverty line: 67.9%

Located on the east coast of the African continent, Tanzania is a picturesque country known for its national parks, multitude of wildlife species, and wonderful safari tours.  The country boasts over 125 ethnic groups, most notably the nomadic Maasai people.  English and Kiswahili are most commonly spoken, being the country’s official languages, but due to the multitude of ethnic groups inhabiting the country, over one hundred languages can be heard, many of them of Bantu origin.

Education is highly valued in Tanzanian society; however, most individuals are only afforded the opportunity to attend primary school, which was recently mandated as a free service by the Tanzanian government.

Focus on: Arusha

  • Capital of Arusha Region
  • Population: 416,442
  • Gender disparity in school attendance is lowest in the Arusha Region

Arusha is a small urban center in northern Tanzania.  The capital of the Arusha region, the city of Arusha is home to many governmental institutions all well as a large number of  banks, schools, and businesses large and small.  However, one of the largest income sources is tourism, due to its location near the Serengeti National Park, Olduvai Gorge, and Mount Kilimanjaro.

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